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10:AM Factory in Marina del Rey, California is a creative playground where powerful ideas find expressive artistry. We believe in blending art and design to inquire about the world we live in. Our vision is to create flawless products that reflect our worldview and prioritize sustainability from start to finish.

At 10:AM Factory, we are dedicated to redefining comfort wear by offering limited edition, high-quality textile products. We approach every step of the production process as if it were a work of art. Our intention is to provide you with products that you can use for years, while staying true to meticulousness and boundless creativity.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and fluid. Most of our products are unisex, and we continue to produce locally in Turkey with worldwide shipping. Additionally, we have plans to expand our creative energies and venture into a different range of products from our upcoming operations in New York.

10:AM Factory is more than a brand – it is a state of mind. We start our days at 10:00 AM, immersing ourselves in the process of production and creation. We care about our impact on the environment, the stories we tell each other, and how we connect with our community.

We are thrilled to have you accompany us on this journey. Our founder and designer, Seçil Alkış, is an artist/designer with a vision for bringing creative minds together and fostering a sense of community in meaningful product and project collaborations. With a career that began as Akbank's Young Artist of the Year, Seçil Alkış has exhibited extensively, entered art collections, and received awards.

In addition to her work as an art professional in New York and Istanbul, she has curated exhibitions and collaborated with global artists. 10:AM Store is a subsidiary of 10:AM Factory, where you can find our unique and carefully crafted products. Join us in exploring the world through art and design


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