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1Question is the world’s first app requiring kids to earn screen time by answering questions. Reimagining parental control of screen time.


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1Question is a groundbreaking app that revolutionizes parental control of screen time for kids. It is the world's first app that requires children to earn their screen time by answering questions. This innovative approach ensures that children engage with educational content while using their devices. With 1Question, screen time meets learning in a productive and meaningful way. The app delivers educational material through captivating short videos and quiz questions. Children learn and earn screen time simultaneously. Setting up the app is quick and easy, taking less than five minutes. Parents can download 1Question and get started right away. Unlike traditional parental control methods that restrict access to apps, 1Question leverages the way children already use their devices. It offsets unproductive scrolling with curriculum-aligned microlearning moments. This means that children can enjoy their favorite apps while also engaging in educational activities. 1Question offers a personalized learning experience powered by AI. The app customizes questions based on each child's learning stage, rate, and predicted outcomes. It charts a unique learning pathway that reinforces strengths and nurtures weaknesses for optimal learning. By using 1Question, parents can maximize their child's screen time productivity, seamlessly integrate learning into digital behaviors, and celebrate their learning achievements together. Download the app today and join the 1Question community of parents dedicated to their child's educational growth.


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