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Wspieramy instytucje kultury, NGOsy i startupy! Tworzymy strategie komunikacji w internecie i zwinnie zarządzamy pracę.


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3. 14 Public Relations, also known as πR, is a brand that offers strategic communication and agile project management services. Their main focus is on supporting creative teams in cultural institutions, NGOs, startups, and IT companies. They excel in areas such as coordination, agile management, and communication.

They help teams transition to effective project and task management by diagnosing communication problems and providing tailored tools through friendly workshops. Additionally, they offer specialized training, presentations, lectures, and webinars on social media platforms, including Facebook (without advertising!), Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Their approach delves into how these platforms and their algorithms work from the inside, and what that means for users, rather than focusing solely on sales topics. 3.

14 Public Relations also undertakes web and app projects, UX audits, and offers UX writing services, content creation, and event organization. They have a wealth of experience gained from working at the Center for Contemporary Art in Toruń (CSW) and can now tackle complex projects outside the realm of culture. Led by Kasia and Dominik, the team at 3. 14 PR brings their expertise to the table and ensures the successful execution of intricate projects.


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