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La Contre-Voie est une association reconnue d’intérêt général qui défend l’éthique dans le numérique, à travers des activités de sensibilisation et l’hébergement de services numériques libres.


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42l, formerly known as La Contre-Voie, is a recognized non-profit organization that advocates for ethics in the digital world. They are committed to raising awareness and providing hosting services for free digital services. Their activities include conferences, workshops, and stands, where they educate individuals about the importance of privacy and anonymity.

They offer both theoretical and practical training on topics such as privacy and self-hosting. In addition, 42l provides a range of services, including tools such as DoH (DNS over HTTPS), Nitter (a privacy-friendly Twitter front-end), Forms, Mail, Git, and Nextcloud. They also offer various methods of contact through Mastodon, Twitter, and PeerTube.

To participate in their initiatives, you can join their channels, make a donation, or become a member. 42l's mission is to ensure that the digital world remains a means of empowerment rather than control. Stay informed about their upcoming activities through their agenda and watch their informative videos on PeerTube.

If you encounter any issues with their services, you can check the status on their website. Join 42l in their efforts to create a more ethical digital landscape


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