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The Four Question Method is a way of thinking about history and social studies that guides teachers in planning courses, units, and lessons, and guides students in learning them.


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4QM Teaching is a brand that aims to revolutionize history and social studies education by providing teachers and students with a simple yet sophisticated method of learning. The brand offers a curriculum based on the Four Question Method (4QM), which was developed by experienced public school history teachers over many years. With 4QM Teaching, social studies teachers no longer have to choose between teaching content and thinking skills.

The brand's approach allows teachers to cover the required content while also engaging students in the key thinking skills of history and social studies. By using the 4QM, teachers can plan focused and engaging lessons that encourage active thinking. Not only does 4QM Teaching benefit teachers in terms of efficiency and collaboration, but it also empowers students to practice the kind of active thinking that historians, social scientists, and engaged citizens do.

The brand offers workshops, curriculum resources, and support to schools and districts seeking to transform their social studies teaching and learning. Discover how 4QM Teaching can impact history teaching and learning in your school or district by contacting them today


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