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6Rooms is a leading online entertainment platform in China, known for its flagship product, 6Rooms Showroom (PC version). It has created a large virtual community where audiences and content creators can interact in a positive manner, pioneering the field of social videos and redefining the fan economy in the realm of online music and entertainment. Established in March 2006, 6Rooms Technology Co. , Ltd is a prominent Chinese internet company and a key enterprise in the core area of Zhongguancun, Beijing.

Its website, 6Rooms (www. 6. cn), offers interactive entertainment services to users primarily through the internet and is one of the first batch of online performance pilot units authorized by the Ministry of Culture. With a registered user base of over 60 million and 250,000 contracted artists, 6Rooms has become a standard definition for this innovative internet model.

Its core products, 6Rooms Showroom (PC version) and Shiliu Live (mobile version), facilitate healthy interaction between audiences and content creators, revolutionizing the social video field. The company's vision and mission are to broadcast the wonders of life and provide a stage for ordinary people who aspire to be extraordinary. 6Rooms aims to continually enrich content, innovate products, and use livestreaming to present captivating stories from China, realizing the dreams of dream-chasers on this new frontier of the internet. 6Rooms has received various accolades, including being recognized as a Top 100 Internet Company in China in 2017 and the title of Secretary-General Unit of the China Performance Industry Association's Network Performance (Livestreaming) Sub-branch.

The company has also gained recognition for cultural innovation and advanced party organizing within the internet industry. For the company, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and they strive to maintain strong business partnerships while adhering to user agreements and privacy principles. If you have any questions or would like to know more about 6Rooms, please don't hesitate to contact them.


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