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8-Bit Brewing is a brand that brings together the love for beer, games, and friendship. It all started with Jason, the head brewer, who brewed beers for his friends and himself using his homebrew system. Realizing the joy of drinking lighter beers designed for socializing, he decided to turn his passion into a profession.

However, the market in Portland was saturated with small breweries, so he looked elsewhere. In 2013, Jason met Elina, the CEO of 8-Bit Brewing, and fell in love. This led him to move to Finland, where the craft beer scene was just starting to grow.

Together, they embarked on a journey to create easy-to-drink nerd-themed beers that would capture the hearts of beer enthusiasts. 8-Bit Brewing's journey took them through various locations, starting with brewing batches of beer at Olarin Panimo and United Gypsies Brewery. Finally, in 2018, they opened their own facility in Konala Helsinki, which served as a shrine to nerd culture and a space for their friends and community to enjoy.

Despite facing numerous challenges, the brand persevered with the support of its dedicated team, including Jason's wife Elina, who took on the role of CEO. They eventually found their current home at Keran Hallit in Espoo. Here, they have built a small brewery collective, along with their friends and neighbors, Tired Uncle Brewing and Masis Brewery.

At 8-Bit Brewing, it's not just about brewing beer. The brand offers a unique experience, hosting events such as drawing and painting nights, cosplay, live music, and even private theater and karaoke spaces. They welcome guests to visit their space and witness the labor of love that went into creating this one-of-a-kind brewery.

If you're looking for a brewery that combines great-tasting beers with a vibrant community and a touch of nostalgia, 8-Bit Brewing is the place to be. Cheers!


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