株式会社 9DWは、AI(人工知能)を活用した「世界平和実現」を目指しています。


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9DW Corporation is a leading AI development manufacturer aiming to achieve world peace realization using artificial intelligence (AI). They believe that current AI technology is following the same path as internet technology did 20 years ago, with its potential being difficult to comprehend. Unlike the internet, AI technology is progressing at an astonishing speed, without even enough time to understand its essence.

This rapid development is due to the power of the internet, which has permeated industries and technologies related to AI. 9DW believes that within the next 20 years, all the systems and technologies seen in science fiction will be realized through AI. Their focus is on ensuring that this power remains on the path of peaceful use and contribute to global peace.

Established in 2016 by President Tsuyoshi Imoto, 9DW specializes in AI development, offering solutions for various fields to solve complex problems. They have developed AI-powered CAD software for dental treatments, an AI-based voice assistant system, T-shirt design automation using AI, and many more. Additionally, 9DW provides education for AI technology through internships and has numerous industry clients.

With a dedicated team of 40 employees, 9DW Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan


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