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Alles aus einer Hand. Internet, TV, Mobil- & Festnetztelefonie, unbegrenztes Festnetz-Internet für zuhause und kostenloses WLAN-Modem.

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A1 is a telecommunications company based in Austria. It is the largest provider of mobile communication services in the country and offers a wide range of telecommunications products and solutions to its customers. A1 has a long and rich history dating back to its establishment in 1881 as the Imperial and Royal Austrian Telegraph Administration. Over the years, it has evolved and expanded, adapting to the changing technological landscape. The company's headquarters is located in Vienna, Austria. It serves as the central hub for A1's operations and decision-making processes. A1 offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including mobile and fixed-line telephony, internet, data, and IT solutions. It caters to both residential and business customers, providing them with reliable and innovative communication solutions. On a global scale, A1 operates primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. It has a significant presence in countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. A1 is also part of the América Móvil group, one of the largest telecommunications providers in the world. A1 has several noteworthy subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships. For instance, it has a joint venture with Telekom Slovenije, known as A1 Slovenija, which operates in Slovenia. A1 also has a subsidiary in Bulgaria called A1 Bulgaria. These partnerships and subsidiaries strengthen A1's market position in the respective regions. In terms of market position, A1 is a leading player in the Austrian telecommunications industry. It holds a significant market share and competes with other major providers such as Magenta Telekom and T-Mobile Austria. In recent years, A1 has focused on expanding its offerings and investing in digitalization initiatives to meet the evolving needs of its customers. This includes the launch of new services and the upgrading of its infrastructure to provide faster and more reliable connectivity. As of the latest updates, A1 continues to enhance its network and services, striving to maintain its position as a market leader and deliver exceptional value to its customers. The company remains committed to innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions in the telecommunications sector.


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