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Adira Finance provides credit facility for people to make their dreams come true by today, without waiting for tomorrow.


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Adira is a leading financial services company based in Indonesia. It was established in 1990 as a joint venture between Bank Danamon and Bank Central Asia. Adira quickly gained recognition as a pioneer in automotive financing and has since expanded its product portfolio to offer a wide range of financial services.

The headquarters of Adira is located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. From this central location, the company manages its operations and serves the diverse needs of customers across the country. Adira's main products and services include vehicle financing, multi-purpose financing, and insurance.

The company provides comprehensive financial solutions to individuals and businesses alike, enabling them to purchase vehicles, pursue personal projects, and protect their assets. Adira's commitment to customer satisfaction and its innovative approach have made it a trusted partner for financing needs in Indonesia. In terms of its global operations, Adira primarily operates within Indonesia and focuses on serving the local market.

While there are no notable subsidiaries or joint ventures abroad, the company has established partnerships with various automotive dealerships and manufacturers within Indonesia to further expand its reach and enhance its product offerings. Adira holds a strong market position in Indonesia and is a market leader in automotive financing. The company has successfully carved out a niche for itself and has built a significant customer base.

Its dedication to customer service, strategic partnerships, and innovative product offerings have played a significant role in its market dominance. Over the years, Adira has achieved several milestones and witnessed noteworthy developments. It has consistently adapted its strategies and product lineup to meet changing customer needs and market trends.

These adaptations have fueled the company's growth and helped maintain its competitive edge. As of the latest update, Adira continues to thrive in the Indonesian financial services sector. It remains committed to delivering exceptional financial solutions and expanding its product range to cater to evolving customer demands.

Adira's strong market position and customer-centric approach position it for continued success in the future


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