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Uitgebreid netwerk in meer dan 80 landen | Innovatieve rassen: perfecte match met lokale klimaten en markten | Bouwt en versterkt aardappelwaardeketens.


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Agrico is a leading brand in the field of innovative potato varieties, offering a wide range of products and services. With an extensive network spanning over 80 countries, Agrico ensures that their innovative potato varieties are a perfect match for local climates and markets. They specialize in building and strengthening potato value chains, making them a market leader in innovative potato varieties.

Agrico is known for its commitment to good growth and sustainability. As a cooperative potato company, they believe in the power of collaboration, achieving more together than individuals can alone. Agrico invests in high-quality, healthy potatoes with high yields, regardless of their location.

Their dedication to good growth extends to all stakeholders - growers, farmers, and consumers. Agrico supports their growth by providing top-quality potato seed and consumption potatoes. Additionally, they prioritize the growth of their employees, enabling them to develop even better varieties, provide expert advice, and share knowledge.

Agrico's research and development division, Agrico Research, focuses on creating new and innovative potato varieties that meet the specific needs of consumers worldwide. They focus on various aspects such as higher yields, improved nutritional content, enhanced taste profiles, natural resistance to potato diseases, and adaptability to different climates and soil types. With their broad presence across multiple continents, Agrico creates a perfect match between their potato varieties and the local farming conditions and preferences in each country.

They are confident that they have the right potato and the right solution for every situation, helping farmers worldwide achieve the best possible yields. Agrico is committed to corporate social responsibility and incorporates sustainable practices into their operations. They align their strategic goals with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the interests of their stakeholders.

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