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With a growing number of companies of AGROFERT group we have become one of the largest private employers in the Czech Republic.


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AGROFERT is a leading conglomerate in Czechia with diverse business interests in agriculture, chemical production, food processing, forestry, renewable energy, and media. Founded in 1993 by Andrej Babiลก, it has become one of the largest companies in the country. The company's headquarters is located in Prague, Czechia.

AGROFERT offers a wide range of products and services in the agricultural sector, including the production of fertilizers, plant protection agents, seeds, and agricultural machinery. In food processing, the company produces a variety of dairy products, confectionery, meat products, and beverages. AGROFERT also operates in the energy sector through its renewable energy division, focusing on biogas plants and photovoltaic power plants.

On a global scale, AGROFERT has expanded its operations through various subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships. One notable subsidiary is AGROFERT Polska, based in Poland, which engages in agricultural production and food processing. The company also has joint ventures with international partners, such as Cofco International in China, focusing on agricultural trade.

AGROFERT holds a dominant market position in Czechia and has a strong presence in neighboring countries. Its agricultural division is the largest in the country, and the company is one of the leading producers of chemical fertilizers in Europe. In terms of global sales, AGROFERT has consistently reported significant revenue figures.

One major event in AGROFERT's history was the acquisition of the Czech media conglomerate Mafra in 2013, which expanded the company's reach into the media industry. This move aimed to further diversify AGROFERT's business portfolio and increase its brand visibility. As of the latest information available, AGROFERT remains a prominent player in the Czech business landscape.

However, it faced significant controversy in recent years, mainly due to perceived conflicts of interest related to Andrej Babiลก' role as the founder of AGROFERT and the subsequent involvement in politics. The European Commission also investigated potential violations of European Union subsidy rules, leading to an ongoing legal dispute. In conclusion, AGROFERT is a major conglomerate in Czechia with diverse business interests in agriculture, chemical production, food processing, renewable energy, and media.

The company holds a dominant position in the domestic market and has expanded its operations globally through subsidiaries and joint ventures. However, AGROFERT faces ongoing challenges related to controversies and legal disputes


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