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Alosa delivers academic detailing programs providing unbiased, evidence-based information to support physician prescribing decisions and optimal patient care.


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Alosa Health is a leading national brand that specializes in developing and implementing academic detailing programs to improve prescribing practices. With a focus on providing unbiased, evidence-based information, Alosa Health aims to support healthcare professionals in delivering optimal care and improving patient outcomes. Founded in 2004, Alosa Health was inspired by the determined nature of fish that swim upstream, representing their commitment to navigate through the flood of promotional material and guidelines that doctors often face.

As their work has evolved, Alosa Health now embraces the concept of upstream thinking, focusing on addressing patients' needs before they result in serious health issues. One of Alosa Health's flagship programs is the Independent Drug Information Service (IDIS), the country's leading state-supported academic detailing program. This program offers healthcare professionals a comprehensive portfolio of clinical education materials that cover various primary care topics, including type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, and congestive heart failure.

Through their programs and training events, Alosa Health has partnered with state governments, federal agencies, and private organizations to expand academic detailing beyond prescription drugs to include non-drug therapies and diagnostics. Studies have shown that when implemented correctly, academic detailing can reduce healthcare costs by decreasing inappropriate prescribing and empowering physicians to make evidence-based medical decisions. Alosa Health is uniquely positioned to assist healthcare organizations in meeting new requirements for cost-effective care and improved clinical outcomes.

To learn more about Alosa Health and their mission to provide balanced information for better care, visit their website or contact them directly


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