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Alpha Bank is a financial services company that aims to contribute to the growth of Greek economy and to support the society.


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Alpha Bank is a Greek financial institution founded in 1879. Its headquarters are located in Athens, Greece. The bank operates as a universal bank, providing a wide range of financial products and services to individual and corporate customers.

Alpha Bank offers retail banking services, including deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, and financial planning solutions. It also provides corporate and investment banking services, such as corporate lending, mergers and acquisitions, capital market transactions, and treasury services. The bank has a strong presence in the Greek market, with a comprehensive network of branches spread throughout the country.

On a global scale, Alpha Bank has expanded its operations beyond Greece and has established a presence in various other countries. It has subsidiaries in Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Albania, and Bulgaria. Additionally, the bank has formed joint ventures and partnerships with other financial institutions to enhance its reach and capabilities.

In terms of market position, Alpha Bank is one of the largest banks in Greece. It has a significant market share and competes with other major Greek banks, such as National Bank of Greece and Eurobank. The bank's global sales and performance are influenced by factors such as economic conditions, regulatory changes, and market competition.

Over the years, Alpha Bank has achieved several noteworthy milestones and implemented changes in its strategy and product lineup to support its growth. The bank has adapted to technological advancements and invested in digital banking solutions to enhance customer experience and convenience. As of the latest information available, Alpha Bank continues to operate as a leading financial institution in Greece and expand its presence internationally.

The bank remains committed to providing high-quality financial services and maintaining its market position. However, it is important to note that the information provided may not be up-to-date, and recent developments or updates may have occurred since the time of writing


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