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American Addiction Centers' mission is to provide quality treatment and innovative care to those with addictions.


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American Addiction Centers (AAC) is a leading provider of addiction treatment services in the United States. It was founded in 2007 by Michael Cartwright and Jerrod Nurenberg, with a vision to provide comprehensive and personalized care to individuals struggling with addiction. The company's headquarters is located in Brentwood, Tennessee.

AAC specializes in offering a wide range of addiction treatment services including detoxification, inpatient/residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare support. Their treatment programs cater to various substance addictions such as alcohol, opioids, cocaine, prescription drugs, and more. AAC's services also extend to individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders, providing integrated treatment for dual diagnosis cases.

In terms of global operations, AAC primarily focuses on serving customers in the United States. The company operates a network of treatment facilities across the country, ensuring accessibility to their services for individuals from different regions. Notably, AAC has acquired various treatment centers and facilities over the years, expanding their reach and capabilities.

Some of their significant subsidiaries include Desert Hope Treatment Center, Oxford Treatment Center, Recovery First, and Sunrise House. In the highly competitive addiction treatment industry, American Addiction Centers holds a strong market position. With its comprehensive range of services and commitment to evidence-based treatment approaches, AAC has gained recognition and trust among both customers and industry professionals.

While specific sales figures are not publicly available, the company is considered a major player in the addiction treatment market. In terms of growth and strategic initiatives, AAC has consistently pursued expansion through acquisitions and partnerships. These endeavors have allowed them to enhance their services, broaden their geographic footprint, and keep up with industry advancements.

Additionally, the company has focused on advancing their digital platforms and telehealth capabilities to improve accessibility to treatment resources. As of the latest available information, American Addiction Centers continues to provide its full range of addiction treatment services. The company remains committed to its mission of helping individuals overcome addiction and achieve long-term recovery


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