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ЗАО «Алексеевский молочноконсервный комбинат» - российский производитель молочной продукции высочайшего качества.


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ЗАО «Алексеевский молочноконсервный комбинат» is a leading Russian brand that specializes in producing high-quality dairy products. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, this brand has established itself as the top producer of milk preserves in the country. The company takes pride in using only genuine milk sourced from 16 local farms in the Belgorod region.

From the farm to the shelves, every step of the production process is meticulously monitored to ensure the highest quality standards are met. The brand offers a range of products under their popular brands, including АЛЕКСЕЕВСКОЕ, ГУСТИЯР, and РУСЛАДА. Whether it's their creamy condensed milk with 8.

5% sugar content or their other delectable offerings, customers can enjoy the natural taste and superior quality of these dairy products. With a commitment to reliability and impeccable logistics, they aim to deliver their products efficiently to customers across the region. Discover the exceptional taste and authenticity of ЗАО «Алексеевский молочноконсервный комбинат» and indulge in their premium dairy products


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