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apetito catering sind Pioniere in der Betriebs-& Care-Gastronomie! Wir erfüllen individuelle Wünsche & begeistern täglich unsere Gäste! Jetzt entdecken


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They strive to fulfill individual desires and delight guests on a daily basis. With an expertise in both Betriebsgastronomie (corporate catering) and CARE-Gastronomie (care catering), apetito catering offers a range of products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. For corporates, apetito catering creates customized gastronomy concepts that transform lunch breaks into enjoyable experiences.

They understand the diversity of nature's flavors and cook passionately to deliver delicious meals. In the field of care catering, apetito catering focuses on providing health and balanced nutrition to patients and seniors. With their extensive range of offerings, they cater to various dietary requirements and ensure fresh and regional ingredients are used.

apetito catering is committed to sustainability, striving to be a responsible business leader. Their dedication has been recognized through the EATBETTER sustainability seal, making them the first 100% organic company restaurant. With their excellent service and attention to detail, apetito catering has been recognized as the contract catering industry's best in customer service for seven consecutive years.

They prioritize customer satisfaction and take pride in making each interaction a delightful experience. Join apetito catering in their mission to create a culinary experience that combines indulgence, health, and a good conscience. Their innovative ideas, extensive expertise, and commitment to sustainability make them a trusted partner in the world of catering


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