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Atman - ekspert w zakresie bezpieczeństwa transmisji i przetwarzania danych.


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AtmanPL is the leading brand in the Polish data center market, offering a wide range of services for businesses of all sizes. With a strong focus on continuous development, AtmanPL provides a secure environment for your data and applications through their own fiber optic network, data centers, servers, and cloud computing solutions. Their data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy, ensuring both customer security and environmental sustainability.

AtmanPL offers a variety of services to meet your IT needs. Their colocation services provide the largest data center facilities with excellent connectivity and high security standards. With their dedicated servers, you can quickly deploy servers for various business applications, backed by their professional data center standards.

AtmanPL’s advanced cloud services offer project efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as full control and automation options. Additionally, AtmanPL provides internet services with guaranteed quality and 99. 98% SLA.

Their network also includes Thinx IX, a platform for internet traffic exchange with over 170 participants. With AtmanPL's expertise in data processing, you can rely on their state-of-the-art data centers, spanning over 19,500 square meters, to meet all your data processing needs. Their bare metal server farm offers dedicated server solutions with over 4,000 spare parts in stock.

And their Atman Cloud platform provides high availability for computational nodes and storage, along with added services such as Backup as a Service and object storage. To ensure secure and stable communication, AtmanPL offers reliable data transmission services through their fiber optic network. They also provide solutions for data protection, including firewall and DDoS protection.

By integrating their products, AtmanPL creates tailored solutions for their clients. Their Disaster Recovery solutions provide active-active or active-passive models, ensuring data continuity. They also offer secure access infrastructure and RODO solutions for enhanced data security.

Businesses can benefit from AtmanPL's business continuity solution, which includes backup, virtual desktops, and collaboration with Microsoft Cloud OS Network. With their hybrid colocation and managed infrastructure services, you can store your IT resources in a diversified manner, depending on their characteristics and types. AtmanPL also offers managed services for your IT assets, including server monitoring and management.

Customers speak highly of AtmanPL, praising their service quality, business flexibility, and technological competence. AtmanPL is dedicated to meeting the needs of dynamic industries such as e-commerce and gaming, always adapting their solutions to client requirements. Partnering with AtmanPL means benefiting from their expertise, flexible business models, and advanced technology services.

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