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Babyl believes it is possible to put an accessible and affordable health care service in the hands of every person on earth.


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Babyl is a brand that believes in the possibility of providing accessible and affordable healthcare to every person on earth. By harnessing the computing power of machines and combining it with the expertise of medical professionals, Babyl creates a comprehensive, immediate, and personalized health service that is universally available. Their goal is to help people worldwide live happier and healthier lives.

For many individuals, accessing healthcare can be inconvenient and costly. However, Babyl recognizes the potential of mobile phones, as they have become increasingly powerful over the years. With the latest technology and the knowledge of top doctors, Babyl strives to simplify and improve healthcare, making it more accessible and affordable for people everywhere.

The inspiration for Babyl's services comes from the ancient city of Babylon, where citizens would gather to share medical advice. Babylonians had one of the longest life expectancies in the ancient world, and Babyl seeks to bring that level of healthcare democratization into the modern era. Babyl has also made significant progress in Rwanda, partnering with local organizations to provide online consultations, medical Q&A, monitoring and diagnostics, appointment booking, prescription delivery, and access to clinical records.

Their mission is to transform healthcare delivery in Rwanda and make quality healthcare available to all. At Babyl, they value compassion, uncompromising dedication, inclusivity, positivity, and creativity. They take ownership of their responsibilities and strive to exceed expectations.

If you share their vision of accessible and affordable healthcare for all, there's a place for you at Babyl. Join them in their dream of putting quality healthcare into the hands of everyone on earth


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