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Welcome to Baja Dog Rescue, a dedicated and compassionate non-profit organization located in the Baja California area. Since our establishment in 2008, we have been committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding loving homes for unwanted, abandoned, and neglected dogs. Operated by a group of passionate volunteers, we provide a second chance at life for nearly 200 rescued street dogs.

Our facility offers them essential medical attention, nutritious food, and abundant love to prepare them for adoption in San Diego and across the United States. At Baja Dog Rescue, we have saved almost 12,000 dogs from dire conditions in Mexico and California. As a 100% no-kill shelter, we rely on generous donations from the public and the dedicated efforts of our volunteers.

We go the extra mile to treat severe cases, including providing chemotherapy and mending broken bones from accidents or abuse. Our team is proud to have achieved an astonishing 85% survival rate for puppies infected with Parvo. Alongside our rescue efforts, we partner with the County of San Diego and work closely with other rescue organizations to save dogs scheduled for euthanasia.

Additionally, we offer essential medical services such as spaying, neutering, and treating diseases like distemper, moquillo, and canine renal failure. As a non-profit organization, we face various challenges, including the constant need for dog food. We rely entirely on public generosity and our own funds to keep our shelter operational and provide necessary care and medication for our beloved rescues.

Visitors and volunteers are always welcome at our shelter, where they can help with walking, cleaning, socializing, and more. Our priority is to make our rescues physically healthy, mentally sound, and ready for adoption. Through a gentle and gradual process of care and socialization, we ensure that all our dogs feel safe and loved by humans.

Once they are ready, they are listed on our Ready to Adopt page, where you can find your perfect furry companion. We are a group of dedicated volunteers who do not profit from this work. Our main goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of these deserving dogs.

With the help of our extensive network and resources, we continue to expand our outreach and save more lives. Please consider joining our cause by donating or adopting a dog in need. Together, we can provide these incredible animals with the forever homes they deserve


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