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Free-lance copywriter/ tekstschrijver met 35 jaar ervaring.


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Bas Holzhaus is a highly experienced freelance copywriter and tekstschrijver (Dutch for text writer) with over 35 years of expertise. He possesses a versatile and creative writing style, allowing him to produce engaging content on various subjects. Whether it's wervend (persuasive) or voorlichtend (informative) writing, Bas knows how to craft texts that inform, touch, convince, and inspire action.

His writing prowess extends to both print and digital platforms, catering to the needs of both large and small businesses and organizations. Bas's portfolio showcases his extensive range of work, including brochures, websites, newsletters, mailings, magazines, and texts for museums. He has collaborated with Studio Harm Hasenaar on projects such as creating scripts for hoorspelen (audio dramas) about Dik Trom's school and developing the concept and texts for Lichtwerkt Nederland's concept book.

Bas has also contributed his writing skills to the development of an app for the belevingsroute (experience route) of Vestingwallen Muiden, an augmented reality-enhanced walking route on the restored Eastern Fortress Walls. Additionally, he has provided engaging texts for the archeological museum De Waterwolf, the Bescherming Bevolking Nieuwersluis command post, the Integraal Gezondheidscentrum in Bilthoven, and more. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for clear and effective communication, Bas Holzhaus is the go-to expert for all your writing needs.

Contact him at bas@basholzhaustekst. nl or call 0613868983 to discover how his writing can transform your message


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