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Big-Hit, magasin de cigarettes électroniques à LORIENT, vous propose des e-liquides naturels et des accessoires pour vos cigarettes électroniques


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Big-Hit is a leading brand in the electronic cigarette industry, offering a wide range of natural e-liquids and accessories in Lorient. Established in 2014, Big-Hit is dedicated to promoting public health by providing 100% French-made natural e-liquids, developed in partnership with a chemist. These e-liquids are designed to reduce risks and cater to first-time vapers.

In 2015, Big-Hit set up its laboratory in Lorient to ensure impeccable quality and a short distribution cycle, allowing the brand to offer competitive prices. All natural e-liquids from Big-Hit undergo rigorous testing at independent laboratories and are approved by ANSES, the French agency for food, environmental, and occupational health safety. Big-Hit prides itself on its knowledge and expertise in French electronic cigarettes, as demonstrated by their CIM VAPE certification for smoking cessation.

When purchasing your natural e-liquids or electronic cigarettes from Big-Hit, you can expect unparalleled customer comfort and a focus on taste quality. The brand prioritizes the flavor experience and does not promote tricks or vapor experimentation. For the best smoking sensation, Big-Hit recommends devices with adjustable airflow for a tight draw (indirect inhalation).

The brand also conducts thorough testing on their electronic cigarettes to ensure the highest quality. Big-Hit's natural e-liquids are free from water, alcohol, sucralose, and other potentially harmful additives. With a simple composition of French flavors, vegetable glycerin, vegetable propylene glycol, and nicotine, Big-Hit's e-liquids provide exceptional flavor and a satisfying throat hit.

Unlike other brands, Big-Hit avoids excessive sweetness in their e-liquids, as they believe it can detract from the overall vaping experience. Additionally, Big-Hit does not offer DIY (do-it-yourself) e-liquids, as they believe it can lead to issues with flavor accuracy and potentially unsafe practices. With Big-Hit, you can trust in their commitment to offering high-quality products and a superior vaping experience


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