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Link Retail is the retail analytics pioneer company providing people counter, POS data analytics and wastage management solutions.


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Link Retail is a brand that takes action to reduce food wastage and raise environmental awareness while helping grocery stores increase their savings. They offer innovative food waste management solutions that make a significant impact. With their expertise in measuring, learning, and staying ahead, Link Retail provides a comprehensive approach to food waste management.

One of their key focuses is reducing bread wastage, which is a common issue for grocery stores. By implementing digital ordering and real-time production estimates, they ensure that the correct quantities of bread are available in-store at any given time. Additionally, they work with stores and employees to change daily routines and further reduce wastage.

Link Retail doesn't stop at bread wastage. They also provide solutions for wastage in other categories, such as produce and perishable items. Through their analytics, counting, and conversion technologies, they help stores optimize their operations and minimize waste.

In addition to food waste management, Link Retail offers a range of other services, including people counting, occupancy signs, queue management, shopper flow analysis, and zone analysis. They provide hardware, software, and consulting solutions to help retailers improve their store operations. With their commitment to reducing food waste and their comprehensive approach to retail solutions, Link Retail is a trusted partner for grocery stores looking to make a positive impact on the environment and their bottom line


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