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Bio Evolution is a highly regarded brand in the field of molecular biology. Specializing in the detection and analysis of pathogens and immunological markers, their expertise lies in the development and production of real-time PCR kits. These kits allow for rapid, specific, and highly sensitive diagnostic testing, making them invaluable in medical biology laboratories.

Offering a wide range of standardized and high-quality kits, Bio Evolution caters to diverse areas such as bacteriology, virology, parasitology, mycology, oncology, and genetics, with over 120 parameters available. The user-friendly nature of their ready-to-use kits allows easy adaptation to most thermocyclers, optimizing efficiency and productivity. With their dedicated team continuously developing new assays, Bio Evolution ensures comprehensive solutions in molecular biology.

Despite the advancements in PCR, Bio Evolution recognizes the ongoing importance of serological testing. Their broad range of immunological solutions includes immuno-assays accompanied by automated systems, tailored to individual laboratory needs. With a commitment to excellence, Bio Evolution is a trusted brand providing cutting-edge solutions in molecular biology and immunology


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