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Microfluidic flow control based on pressure,cell-culture automation, liquid handling, encapsulation, droplet generation.


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Biophysical Tools is a leading brand specializing in microfluidic flow control and fluid dynamics. With a strong focus on precision and speed, they offer a range of products and services tailored to the needs of biophysics, biochemistry, biology, and medicine. Their expertise lies in controlling the flow of fluids, including liquids and gases, in microfluidics and mesofluidics setups.

One of their flagship products is the Precision Pressure Control System P2CS, which allows for the control of flow rates in microfluidic setups with the highest precision. They also offer the Micro Perfusion System MPS-X, a versatile system for dosing small volumes, ranging from microliters to picoliters, with outstanding accuracy. Additionally, they provide the Pressure and Vacuum Source PVS for reliable pressure generation in microfluidic applications.

Moreover, Biophysical Tools offers a range of microfluidic accessories, including switches and manifolds, as well as the M3 Microfluidic Microscope Module and the Tissue Stretcher ยตN-TS for measuring forces in the ยตN range. Their team of experts can assist with experiment planning and offer optional Open Source solutions for system control, allowing for customization and development. With a commitment to integrating their products into existing IT environments and developing automatic protocols, Biophysical Tools ensures a seamless and efficient workflow for their customers.

Overall, Biophysical Tools provides highly precise standards for quantitative measurements, delivering innovative solutions to advance research and experimentation in the field of microfluidics


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