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Bioscell is a leading brand in the field of stem cell therapy, dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals and their families. As the only company in the world with an exclusive bank of expanded mesenchymal stem cells from multiple tissues, Bioscell for Life ensures rapid availability of stem cells in case of a clinical emergency. With extensive experience in Chile, they specialize in preparing cellular therapies based on mesenchymal stem cells.

Their services include collection, expansion, and cryopreservation of stem cells from umbilical cord, bone marrow, dental pulp, and adipose tissue. They also process and cryopreserve hematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood. What sets Bioscell for Life apart is their ability to not only store stem cells but also to prepare cellular therapies when needed.

They have successfully delivered over 400 cellular therapies since 2013 and offer the lowest annual maintenance fee in the market. With a commitment to quality and viability, Bioscell guarantees the effectiveness of their cryopreserved samples. Their impressive numbers include 8 years of experience, over 400 successful therapies delivered, and more than 3,000 samples stored in their cryopreservation bank.

Clients have praised Bioscell for their exceptional service, professionalism, and personalized attention. They value every detail and prioritize their clients' well-being throughout the treatment process. For any inquiries or doubts, Bioscell offers multiple channels of communication to provide prompt and informative assistance.

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