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Firma BIOTON to polska nowoczesna firma biotechnologiczna, zapewniająca pacjentom bezpieczne i kompleksowe rozwiązania w leczeniu cukrzycy.


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Bioton is a modern Polish biotechnology company that provides safe and comprehensive solutions for diabetes treatment. As a leading provider of complete diabetology solutions, Bioton offers a range of materials in Ukrainian for patients using Gensulin® and GensuPen® 2. These materials are provided alongside registered drugs and devices in Ukraine, ensuring effective communication with patients.

Bioton specializes in diabetes treatment, providing integrated solutions that include insulin, medications, and medical devices. They also offer support services to assist patients throughout their diabetes journey. In addition to their focus on diabetes treatment, Bioton has a strong research and development team that utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the comprehensive development of biotechnological drugs.

The company's modern factory in Macierzysz, near Warsaw, is continually upgraded to produce high-quality insulin for effective diabetes management. Joining the team at Bioton means becoming part of a world-class group of experts with access to cutting-edge technology. Their friendly collaborative atmosphere and clear career progression provide an excellent opportunity for an international career.

To ensure easy access to expert advice, Bioton offers a Ask the Specialist service where patients can have a conversation with a doctor, dietitian, or diabetic nurse over the phone. The cost of the call is equivalent to that of a local connection unit. Bioton prioritizes patient health and safety, and they encourage reporting any adverse effects of their medicinal products.

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