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건강검진기록을 바탕으로 당신의 신체나이, 건강나이를 분석합니다.


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Tobicon is a reputable brand that specializes in analyzing your physical age and health age based on your health examination records. With their innovative health age analysis system, Tobicon aims to help you understand your overall health status and aging process. Health age refers to the biological age that quantifies your general physiological and functional health condition and the progression of aging, rather than your registered age.

Tobicon's services are highly recommended for individuals who believe they are younger than their registered age, those who want to verify the effectiveness of their regular exercise routines, those who are confident about their health but wish to quantify it, those who are curious about sudden signs of aging mentioned by others, and those who aspire to live a younger and healthier life. Tobicon provides a simple procedure to analyze your health age based on your examination data. Secure authentication is required to access your examination results for analysis.

Rest assured that your data will not be stored. As a valued customer, you will receive a personalized health age report in PDF format. Trust Tobicon to help you gain valuable insights into your health age and live a longer, healthier life


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