BOOBOOK specialises in fauna, flora, environment and land surveys, reports and research projects.


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Boobook is a highly respected brand specializing in fauna, flora, environment, and land-related services. They offer a wide range of surveys, reports, research projects, and consultancy services. With their expertise and knowledge, Boobook aims to support thriving human and natural communities.

Their services include fauna surveys, land snail surveys, flora surveys, protected plant flora surveys, weed surveys, wetland, streams, and springs surveys, as well as land management services such as property mapping and technical reviews. Boobook understands the regulatory needs of various industries and works closely with gas, energy, and agricultural companies in Queensland's southwest region to protect precious biodiversity. Their team of experts, including ecologists, botanists, and GIS specialists, ensures that they deliver comprehensive and reliable results.

Boobook is committed to protecting biodiversity and maintaining ecological balance in the Brigalow Belt bioregion of Queensland. With their vision, expertise, and local knowledge, they have become a trusted partner for clients in a variety of sectors, including resource industries, natural resource management groups, construction and infrastructure, agriculture, indigenous land owners, and government organizations


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