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Our breakthrough nutritional science is unlocking natural microbiome solutions that promote a healthy gut and wellness for every stage of life.


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Ummino is a brand that focuses on breakthrough nutritional science to unlock natural microbiome solutions, promoting a healthy gut and overall wellness at every stage of life. Their goal is to help individuals achieve optimal gut health through their innovative products and services. One of their key ingredients is hGOS™ Fiber, which is crucial for maintaining a strong and healthy lifestyle. Ummino's proprietary composition includes LacNAc, a building block of HMOs, which plays a vital role in promoting the growth and functional activity of beneficial bacteria. This helps create a balanced and resilient microbiome. Moreover, Ummino produces synbiotic products, such as drinkable yogurts, which enriches them with hGOS™ Fiber, turning them into probiotic and prebiotic offerings. These products have numerous health benefits, including restoring a resilient microbiome in aging adults, boosting immunity, promoting cognitive health, and protecting against age-related GI infections and digestive issues. Ummino works in partnership with leaders in food production to fortify products across life stages, making wellness accessible and delicious to all. With a team of dedicated experts and advisory board members, Ummino is committed to advancing global health through unlocking natural ingredients. Connect with them today to start a conversation and learn more about their transformative work.


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