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A consortium of clinicians, scientists, and engineers developing brain-computer interfaces to restore movement and communication for people with paralysis


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BrainGate Team is a leading brand focused on developing brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies to restore communication, mobility, and independence for individuals with neurologic disease, injury, or limb loss. Their research team consists of top neurologists, neuroscientists, engineers, computer scientists, neurosurgeons, mathematicians, and other researchers. BrainGate's groundbreaking research is aimed at not only improving computer operation but also providing reliable and constant control over the environment for people with conditions such as ALS, spinal cord injury, and stroke.

Through the use of micro-electrodes implanted into the brain, their pioneering research has shown that the neural signals associated with limb movement intent can be decoded in real-time and used to operate external devices. The BrainGate system, an investigational device, has allowed individuals with spinal cord injury, brainstem stroke, and ALS to control a computer cursor simply by thinking about the movement of their paralyzed hand and arm. It has also provided intuitive control over advanced prosthetic limbs, enabling easy control over powerful assistive movement and communication devices.

In addition to their work on BCI technologies, BrainGate is developing a new generation of wireless medical neurotechnologies to record and monitor neural activity for the diagnosis and management of neurologic disease. With a focus on transformative neurotechnologies, the BrainGate team is at the forefront of innovation in the field


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