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Breeze Technologies provides hyperlocal air quality and climate data through smart, affordable indoor and outdoor sensors, as well as actionable environmental intelligence for corporates and cities.


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Breeze Technologies | Hamburg is a leading brand specializing in air quality sensors. Their sensors are reliable, affordable, and built upon the latest technological developments. Unlike traditional monitoring systems, Breeze Technologies' sensors are compact, cost-effective, and easy to maintain and calibrate.

These air quality sensors provide real-time hyperlocal air quality data at a fraction of the price of legacy monitoring hardware. They can be deployed virtually anywhere, making it convenient to build air quality monitoring networks. Each sensor measures all the most common air pollutants, and for more advanced projects, additional parameters can be detected.

The sensors offer multiple connectivity options, allowing for the transmission of real-time data and immediate actions related to smart infrastructure. Setting up the sensors is straightforward, as they come pre-configured to stream data to your account on Breeze Technologies' Environmental Intelligence Platform. The small form factor of the sensors enables installation on various urban structures, and they are up to 1,000 times cheaper than existing monitoring infrastructure.

Breeze Technologies' sensors measure a wide range of parameters, including climate (temperature and humidity), ammonia, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone, particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. Additionally, the sensors are compatible with multiple connectivity standards, such as WiFi, LoRa, and cellular networks. These air quality sensors seamlessly integrate with the Environmental Intelligence Platform, which features cloud calibration technology for real-time data re-calibration and highest data quality.

The platform is highly scalable, ensuring top-notch performance even with large deployments. Real-time calibration and plausibility checks eliminate the need for on-site calibration and maintenance. Integrating the sensor data into smart city and building management platforms is effortless with Breeze Technologies' easy-to-use APIs.

The APIs provide access to both real-time and historic sensor data, as well as aggregated averages and benchmarks according to international standards. If you are interested in incorporating Breeze Technologies' air quality sensors into your smart city or smart building project, they are eager to hear from you. Contact Breeze Technologies | Hamburg to improve your air quality monitoring and take actionable steps towards a cleaner and healthier environment


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