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At Brice we believe that a church is more than a building, its more than bible studies, choir rehearsals, or even Sunday morning worship – a church is where the family of God’s people come.


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Brice United Methodist Church in Columbus, OH is a God-loving brand that strives to serve its community through various ministries and services. With a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, their Sunday Worship Service provides an uplifting experience for all attendees. Led by their inspirational Lead Pastor Nick Shaw, their sermons offer a great message that encourages individuals to appreciate and cherish their blessings, reminding them not to take God for granted.

Brice Church offers a range of ministries catered to different needs. They have a Food Pantry coordinated by Pat Shannon, ensuring that those in need have access to essential provisions. Additionally, they have a dedicated Sunday School Coordinator, Alice Ayala Rojas, who helps oversee educational programs for all age groups.

Emphasizing the importance of community engagement, Brice Church also offers various volunteer and outreach opportunities. The Outreach Coordinator, Renee Shaw, plays a vital role in organizing and executing these initiatives. Moreover, their gym and facilities are available for rentals, including hosting weddings coordinated by Brenda Strohmeyer.

To stay connected and inspired, Brice Church provides access to current and past sermons on their website. With their dedication to spiritual growth and community service, Brice United Methodist Church is a welcoming place for individuals seeking to strengthen their faith and make a positive impact


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