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Bienvenue chez Buffalo Grill, le restaurant de grillades par excellence.


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Buffalo Grill is a prominent restaurant chain based in France that specializes in grilled meat dishes. Established in 1980 by Christian Picart and the Argentinian chef, Xavier Denamur, the first Buffalo Grill opened in Clermont-Ferrand. Over the years, the company has expanded rapidly, and as of 2021, it operates over 340 restaurants across France.

The headquarters of Buffalo Grill is located in the city of Lyon, France. They oversee the company's operations and ensure the maintenance of quality standards. Additionally, the headquarters coordinate with the regional offices and restaurant managers to ensure a consistently excellent dining experience for customers.

Buffalo Grill offers a wide range of products, mainly focusing on grilled meats such as steaks, burgers, and ribs. They also have a variety of side dishes and desserts to complement the main courses. The company prides itself on sourcing high-quality ingredients and preparing meals with traditional recipes.

The menu caters to diverse preferences and also includes options for vegetarians and children. While Buffalo Grill primarily operates in France, it has expanded its international presence. They have restaurants in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany.

These locations are operated through partnerships, joint ventures or subsidiaries. The company's global expansion strategy aims to introduce its unique dining concept and culinary offerings to new markets and audiences. In terms of market position, Buffalo Grill is a leader in the French casual dining segment.

With an annual revenue of over 480 million euros, it holds a significant market share in the country. While facing competition from other restaurant chains like Courtepaille and Hippopotamus, Buffalo Grill distinguishes itself through its focus on grilled meat and vibrant Tex-Mex ambiance. Buffalo Grill has sustained its growth by adapting to changing consumer preferences and market trends.

In recent years, they have introduced healthier menu options, incorporated new technologies for enhanced customer experiences, and strengthened their sustainability initiatives. As of the latest available information, Buffalo Grill continues to expand its presence both in France and internationally. The company remains committed to delivering high-quality meals and memorable dining experiences to its customers


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