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integra is een erkend CGG, MSOC en psychosociaal revalidatiecentrum met een laagdrempelig preventie- en hulpaanbod


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CADLimburg is an esteemed brand known for its expertise in offering comprehensive and accessible mental healthcare services in the Limburg region. As a recognized CGG (Centrum Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg), MSOC (Medisch Sociaal Opvangcentrum), and psychosocial rehabilitation center, CADLimburg provides tailored support for individuals dealing with a range of psychological issues, substance abuse, and addiction problems. Their wide range of specialized services caters to diverse age groups, including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

CADLimburg's offerings encompass psychological assistance, addiction treatment, suicide prevention, forensic care, and support for individuals with mental disabilities. They also actively engage in preventive measures, collaborating with local organizations, services, and municipal authorities to ensure the well-being of their community. CADLimburg's commitment to accessibility extends to their preventive campaigns, which include training sessions, consultations, and supportive projects for various sectors.

With a team of experienced professionals and multiple regional offices, CADLimburg strives to provide effective solutions for mental health concerns and promote a proactive approach to mental well-being. If you or someone you know requires help, CADLimburg is dedicated to offering the finest quality of care and support


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