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Spécialiste des travaux d’accès difficiles, en hauteur - Protections contre les chutes de blocs et les avalanches - Travaux maritimes, industriels.


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CAN is a leading brand specializing in difficult access work at heights. They offer a wide range of services, including protection against falling blocks and avalanches, maritime and industrial work. With their integrated design office and equipment park, they provide their own resources to support your projects.

CAN is known as the pioneer of rope access work, with exceptional projects worldwide in terms of size, technicality, and location. Their activities include Natural Risks & Public Works, where they adapt their teams to meet the specific requirements of infrastructure protection. They also offer Inspection & Engineering services to ensure the durability and maintenance of structures.

In addition, CAN specializes in high-altitude, industrial, and urban work, providing maintenance, protection, and security services. Their expertise extends to the repair and construction of architectural works. CAN is committed to promoting gender equality, with efforts to measure wage gaps and implement actions to eliminate them.

They also offer training programs and job opportunities for those interested in becoming Cordiste professionals. Joining CAN means benefitting from personalized support, integration into a close-knit team, and potential employment opportunities based on dedication and teamwork. CAN is also engaged in the transition to a greener future, joining the Coq Vert community of environmentally-conscious companies.

Through their commitment to sustainability, CAN strives to make a positive impact on the planet. Visit their website for more information on their services, projects, and career opportunities


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