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Charles & Alice vous propose de savoureux desserts aux fruits aux pommes 100% France : bon goût, fraîcheur et qualités nutritionnelles.


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Charles & Alice is a renowned brand offering delicious desserts made from 100% French apples. Known for their excellent taste, freshness, and nutritional qualities, Charles & Alice's Fruit Desserts are a delightful treat for everyone. Their product range includes Fruit Desserts without Added Sugars, Organic Fruit Desserts, Gourmet Fruit Desserts, and Plant-based Desserts.

At Charles & Alice, they prioritize both the quality of their fruits and the environment. They source their fruits locally from eco-responsible orchards, ensuring audacious and responsibly produced desserts. With a rigorous selection process and expert craftsmanship, they create flavors that closely resemble the natural taste of fruits.

From classic flavors to innovative combinations, their recipes are rich and diverse. Using hand-picked, fully matured apples from local orchards, their manufacturing facilities are conveniently located in the heart of the orchards. This allows them to preserve the environment while producing natural and delicious products.

Passionate about fruits, the dedicated team at Charles & Alice strives to create the best products possible. Whether you're looking for your favorite Charles & Alice product or want to discover new flavors, you can find their desserts in stores near you. Stay connected with Charles & Alice on Facebook and Instagram to explore their recipes and get inspired.

For professionals in the industry, they have a dedicated website where you can join their network and contact them. Charles & Alice encourages a healthy lifestyle and recommends consuming at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. For more information on healthy eating and physical activity, visit mangerbouger.

fr. Please note that their packaging is recyclable and subject to recycling guidelines. For more details, refer to consignesdetri.



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