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WBEZ Chicago is a renowned NPR news station and one of the largest and most respected public media stations in the country. With a rich history dating back to its establishment as an extension service of the Chicago Board of Education in 1943, WBEZ has evolved into a dynamic and forward-looking institution at the heart of public media innovation. As a trusted source of news and information, WBEZ is dedicated to delivering high-quality, fact-based journalism that explores critical issues in the Chicago region.

Their growing local newsroom, enterprise desks, and investigative reporters cover topics such as government and politics, criminal justice, education, and issues of race, class, and community. Additionally, WBEZ produces original, award-winning work including podcasts like Making Obama, 16 Shots, and Motive, as well as intriguing programs like Curious City, Sound Opinions, and Nerdette. WBEZ is not only a cornerstone of the public conversation but also a central pillar of the civic community in Chicago.

Their mission is fueled by a commitment to respect, civility, independence, fairness, accuracy, truth, and creativity. Furthermore, diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental values that shape the organization's work and culture. Powered by listener support, WBEZ relies on approximately 86,000 members who make affordable individual donations, alongside major philanthropic gifts and community partnerships.

By joining WBEZ, either as a listener or a supporter, individuals can access their live stream, podcasts, and online content. WBEZ's presence extends beyond the airwaves through live events, community conversations, and active engagement on social media platforms. With a dedicated staff of around 150 individuals, WBEZ values diversity and ensures that their workplace reflects the community they serve.

Their Board of Directors and Sounding Board, a community advisory council, help shape the station's programming and policy decisions to better meet the needs of their coverage area. Additionally, WBEZ Next comprises business and civic leaders who bring their insights and support to advance the organization's mission. If you share WBEZ's passion for public service news and information, there are multiple opportunities to get involved.

Explore career openings on their Careers Page or LinkedIn, apply for their biannual internships to gain hands-on experience, or contribute as a volunteer by providing staffing at events, leading tours of the station, or participating in new member calling parties. Whether you're a curious listener, a dedicated supporter, or someone looking to make a difference, WBEZ Chicago invites you to join their vibrant and impactful community


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