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CHRISTUS Health, a Catholic health ministry.


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CHRISTUS Health is a multinational healthcare system headquartered in Irving, Texas, United States. Founded in 1999, it was formed through the merger of two Catholic healthcare systems, the Sisters of Charity Health Care System and the Incarnate Word Health System. The headquarters of CHRISTUS Health is located in Irving, Texas.

From this central location, the company oversees and coordinates the operations of its various facilities and entities across the United States and internationally. CHRISTUS Health provides a wide range of healthcare services, including acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, outpatient clinics, and home health services. The company also offers specialized services such as pediatric care, cancer treatment, heart care, and orthopedics.

With a strong emphasis on the integration of faith-based values into medical care, CHRISTUS Health aims to provide compassionate and holistic healthcare to its patients. On a global scale, CHRISTUS Health operates in six countries, including the United States, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. The company has developed a significant presence in each of these countries through partnerships with local healthcare providers and the establishment of its own facilities.

In terms of market position, CHRISTUS Health is one of the largest Catholic healthcare systems in the United States and ranks among the top ten largest healthcare systems overall. It is recognized for its high-quality patient care and has received numerous accolades and certifications. In recent years, CHRISTUS Health has pursued strategic partnerships and joint ventures to expand its reach and enhance its services.

For example, the company has partnered with other healthcare providers to develop specialized centers of excellence and has collaborated with academic institutions to advance medical research and education. As of the latest available information, CHRISTUS Health continues to grow and expand its operations. Through its commitment to excellent patient care and a faith-based approach, the company remains a prominent player in the global healthcare industry


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