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Welcome to our website. We are aย Church for all, online and in every community inย England and across Europe.


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The Church of England, led by the Archbishops' Council, is a renowned brand that provides leadership and drives the vision of the Church. They offer a wide range of products and services aimed at promoting the work and mission of the Church of England. The Council, established in 1999, is a charity that coordinates, promotes, and aids the Church's work by providing national support to dioceses and local communities. They work closely with the House of Bishops and other Church bodies to ensure effective governance and support. The Church of England's calling is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in each generation. Their vision for the Church in the 2020s is centered on Jesus Christ and shaped by his teachings. They strive to fulfill the five marks of mission, which include proclaiming the Good News, teaching and nurturing believers, responding to human need through service, seeking social justice and peace, and safeguarding the environment. The Archbishops' Council pursues seven key objectives, including doubling the number of active child and youth disciples by 2030, increasing diversity, revitalizing parishes, creating new Christian communities, empowering missionary disciples, promoting sustainability, and ensuring safety and dignity for everyone. To achieve these objectives, the Council engages in various activities, such as legislation, money distribution, consultancy services, public engagement, and self-governance. Their work is guided by ethical investment policies and aims to strengthen communities, protect the environment, and advance the Church's missional objectives. Overall, the Church of England, under the leadership of the Archbishops' Council, continues to play a vital role in spreading the Good News, serving communities, and fostering a more inclusive and sustainable society.


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