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The Citizen News is a reputable South African daily newspaper that has long been considered a newspaper of record in the country. Published in Johannesburg and distributed nationally, it provides its readers with comprehensive news and information, both in print and online. Led by editors Trevor Stevens and Gareth Cotterell, The Citizen and its website, citizen.

co. za, represent the best of modern media, offering a smooth and fully integrated experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. As a mobile-first news website and daily newspaper, The Citizen is dedicated to keeping its readers updated with the latest news and stories from both South Africa and the international stage.

In addition to a focus on breaking news, The Citizen also offers compelling content in various fields of interest, including Lifestyle, Business, Soccer, and Sport. This makes it an ideal platform for advertisers looking to reach a desirable audience. With a circulation of 24,431 and a readership of 471,000, The Citizen attracts a diverse audience.

The readership is predominantly male (61%) and includes a mix of races, with 85% Black, 7% White, 5% Coloured, and 3% Indian readers. The age range of readers spans from 15 to 24 years (22%) to 50+ years (12%), with an average age of 33. The newspaper also reaches readers across various socioeconomic groups, with 51% in SEM 8-10, 37% in SEM 5-7, and 12% in SEM 1-4.

The average household income per month is R22,293. In addition to its print publication, The Citizen's website, citizen. co.

za, is consistently ranked among the top 10 South African websites. With approximately 3. 8 million unique browsers and 11 million page views, it provides a valuable platform for advertisers.

The website covers a wide range of content pillars, including News, Business, Politics, Soccer, Horse Racing, Gaming, Sport, Entertainment, Health, Classifieds, Motoring, Legals, and Auctions. The Citizen also offers a variety of supplements and special features that cater to reader interests, including RACING EXPRESS, PHAKAAATHI, and MOTORING. These supplements delve into topics such as horse racing, soccer, and the automotive industry, providing in-depth coverage and insightful analysis.

With a dedicated team of journalists and a commitment to providing trustworthy news and engaging content, The Citizen is one of the most trusted news brands in South Africa. It aims to keep its readers informed and empowered, ensuring they remain on top of news and developments locally and globally. Overall, The Citizen News is a reliable and comprehensive source of news and information, serving as a trusted companion to its readers in South Africa


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