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Molino Dallagiovanna produce farina dal 1832, trasmettendo con passione la tradizione di generazione in generazione.


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Dallagiovanna is a renowned brand with a rich history and tradition in the production of flour since 1832. The family-owned business takes great pride in their passion and dedication to delivering high-quality products. One of the key strengths of Dallagiovanna is their commitment to sourcing only the finest grains, some of which are cultivated under controlled conditions.

Their suppliers are carefully selected and required to provide passports certifying the treatments applied to the grains during planting and their origin. This ensures that customers receive only excellent products. At Dallagiovanna's state-of-the-art laboratory, extensive research and development are conducted to evaluate the quality, strength, elasticity, resistance, and tenacity of each flour.

They employ cutting-edge technology and modern analysis techniques to ensure consistent, balanced, and reliable products. To guarantee superior quality, the brand prioritizes cleanliness and washing processes in their production. The grains undergo a thorough dry cleaning and then are uniquely washed to remove impurities and soften them for milling.

Dallagiovanna collaborates with esteemed experts from prestigious institutions like CAST Alimenti, AMPI, and renowned chefs from all over the world at their White Art Laboratory. These culinary masters play a vital role in continuously improving the production process with their expertise and experience. Over the years, Dallagiovanna has undergone significant transformations, expanding their facilities, and embracing advanced technologies.

With the guidance of Pier Luigi and Sergio Dallagiovanna along with their children, the brand has experienced substantial growth and success. Today, Dallagiovanna flour is recognized for its exceptional quality and is exported to over 60 countries worldwide. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is integral to their mission, and they have even established an internal bakery laboratory to test the performance of their flours in finished products.

Additionally, they provide customer training through regular courses to ensure optimal results. Dallagiovanna's production process involves meticulously selecting the best varieties of wheat from around the world. The grains undergo extensive testing and analysis for quality, strength, elasticity, resistance, and tenacity.

They are individually stored in advanced silos utilizing cold technology to prevent overheating. To guarantee cleanliness, the grains undergo thorough air cleaning and washing before milling. Each grain type is milled separately to retain their unique organoleptic components.

The resulting flours are carefully blended according to laboratory-tested recipes, creating the perfect blend. The flours are then packaged in specially sealed bags to prevent contamination, ensuring consumer safety. Dallagiovanna places a strong emphasis on quality and food safety, implementing a rigorous quality and food safety management system.

The company carefully selects suppliers, provides continuous training to their employees, and diligently controls every step of the production process. This commitment to excellence and adherence to regulations ensures the highest standards of product quality and consumer safety. With their unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Dallagiovanna continues to be a trusted brand, delivering exceptional flour products worldwide


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