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Create interactive, responsive & beautiful data visualizations with the online tool Datawrapper โ€” no code required.


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Datawrapper is an online tool that allows you to create interactive, responsive, and stunning data visualizations without the need for coding. Trusted by reputable organizations such as the UN, New York Times, and SPIEGEL, Datawrapper offers a wide range of products and services to cater to your visualization needs. With Datawrapper, you can easily transform your data into beautiful charts, maps, and tables.

Choose from a selection of 19 chart types to effectively showcase your data. The three map types available allow you to create anything from locator maps to thematic choropleth and symbol maps. Datawrapper also provides responsive data tables with various styling options and features like bar, column, and line charts, heatmaps, images, a search bar, and pagination.

Datawrapper's mission is to help everyone communicate with data, whether it's newsrooms, global enterprises, non-profits, or public services. By using Datawrapper, media leaders can tell data-driven stories, finance professionals can replace static reports with interactive visualizations, and governments can effectively inform citizens. You can also explore in-depth case studies to see how others have successfully used Datawrapper in their projects.

Datawrapper offers a range of resources, including a blog that covers data visualization best practices, news, and examples, as well as an academy with over 100 articles that explain how to use Datawrapper effectively. Their FAQ section provides answers to common questions, and their webinars allow you to attend and learn how to make the most out of the tool. Additionally, Datawrapper provides API documentation for those looking to build integrations with their API.

Datawrapper aims to enable everyone to create beautiful charts, maps, and tables, whether you are new to data visualization or have specific questions. Their team is dedicated to providing support and ensuring that you have all the answers you need


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