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Through evidence-based research, education and policy analysis, we work to protect the natural environment, and help create a sustainable Canada.


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The David Suzuki Foundation is a renowned brand dedicated to protecting the natural environment and creating a sustainable Canada. Through evidence-based research, education, and policy analysis, they work tirelessly to address pressing environmental issues. Their focus areas include climate solutions, thriving nature, and sustainable communities.

In terms of climate solutions, the foundation aims to overcome the climate crisis and create a promising future for all. They also emphasize the importance of respecting, protecting, and restoring nature to ensure that it can sustain all life. Moreover, they encourage the reimagining of communities to build resilience and increase overall well-being.

The David Suzuki Foundation collaborates with experts and offers various projects and programs to drive positive change. They have a team of dedicated scientists, policymakers, and communication experts who work together to raise awareness and engage the public. To further their cause, they provide multiple avenues for individuals to take action, including online campaigns, local initiatives, and volunteering opportunities.

Additionally, they share inspiring stories and valuable resources to help individuals understand and contribute to the foundation's mission. To support their efforts, you can become a monthly donor, provide a one-time donation, or explore other ways to give. The David Suzuki Foundation appreciates every contribution, as it helps protect the people and places we love for generations to come.

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