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Social media & comunity ManagementDiseño de planes de Social Media basados en RRSS y gestión integral de comunidades.


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Dbf Informática | Hoyo de Manzanares is a leading technology brand that offers a wide range of products and services to meet your digital needs. Their expertise spans across various areas, including marketing, social media management, online advertising, call center services, video marketing, and customized software development. In the marketing field, their team designs tailored social media plans based on social network strategy and community management.

They also provide comprehensive online marketing services, including assistance with digital businesses, creation and management of web advertising campaigns, and result measurement through analytics. Additionally, they offer influencer marketing strategies to help businesses reach their target audience effectively. Their call center services are facilitated by national personnel with international and multilingual coverage, ensuring top-notch telemarketing services.

They also specialize in professional video marketing, creating and producing audiovisual content for advertising and educational purposes. Furthermore, Dbf Informática excels in software development, creating adaptable software that caters to your specific business processes. They also design websites and mobile applications, providing strategic planning and maintenance plans.

In terms of cybersecurity, the company offers web security analysis, preventive measures, and malware removal, ensuring the safety of your online environment. Moreover, they specialize in student recruitment and admissions, providing dedicated specialists to assist and engage with incoming students. They also offer personalized attention and guidance for student support and retention throughout their academic journey.

Dbf Informática also offers consultancy services to help universities internationalize their educational programs and provide guidance on program offerings based on individual client characteristics. For educational institutions, they can implement or integrate Learning Management Systems (LMS) to enhance teaching processes and stay at the forefront of education. With a strong digital presence on various social media platforms, Dbf Informática is ready to connect and assist you with your technology needs.

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