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DBSec is a leading brand in the field of data security in China, specializing in providing products, services, and solutions for data security. Founded in 2009, DBSec is dedicated to ensuring the secure and orderly circulation of data elements, helping users prevent the risks of data leakage and compliance violations. They offer professional data security solutions, consulting services, and effective security technologies and products to enable users to achieve their long-term goal of using data freely and securely.

DBSec has a comprehensive data center security product line, with capabilities in database security, big data security, application data security, and unstructured data security. They have established strategic partnerships with leading domestic cloud service providers, enabling all of their products to be implemented in a cloud environment. With headquarters in Beijing and core institutions across various provinces and cities in China, DBSec has been widely recognized and applied in industries such as finance, government, enterprise, healthcare, energy, and education.

DBSec has been consistently acknowledged for its expertise and innovation in data security. It has been included in multiple technology maturity reports by well-known organizations, covering areas such as data security, threat response, privacy protection, and more. Additionally, DBSec has established cooperative laboratories with renowned universities and research institutions, contributing to the development and discovery of database vulnerabilities.

Committed to promoting the practice of data security governance, DBSec has organized the China Data Security Governance Summit for several years, providing a platform for experience sharing, technical exchanges, and collaboration among industry professionals. They have also authored the Data Security Governance White Paper series, becoming a comprehensive and influential reference book in the field of data security governance. With over a decade of experience, DBSec currently serves thousands of paying customers, safeguarding millions of databases, including those of world-renowned Fortune 500 companies.

Their mission is to enable the secure and free use of data, while their vision is to become a world-class data security professional. DBSec upholds values such as responsiveness, flexibility, collaboration, pragmatism, and innovation, ensuring the delivery of valuable products and services to customers while fulfilling their corporate responsibilities


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