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DeepIQ is a Kubernetes orchestrated app that uses your cloud's elastic capabilities to scale the process of master data discovery through distributed computation and machine learning.


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DeepIQ is a brand that offers a self-service {Data+AI} Ops platform designed for the Industrial World. With DeepIQ, users can efficiently scale the process of master data discovery through distributed computation and machine learning. The platform is built on Kubernetes orchestration and leverages the elastic capabilities of your cloud to handle data needs effectively.

DeepIQ provides a range of features and services to enhance data exploration and engineering. Users can extract and engineer data with dedicated algorithms for time series and geospatial data. The platform also facilitates IT-OT convergence with a collaborative app for technology and operations teams.

Additionally, DeepIQ enables users to optimize their data engineering and AI model optimization in a single step. DeepIQ has been trusted by Fortune 500 clients across various industry verticals. Customers have praised the platform's powerful capabilities for processing sophisticated 3D geospatial data and its distributed computational framework.

DeepIQ has simplified the development process, saved time, and allowed for closer collaboration with non-technical personnel in organizations such as Schlumberger. Move your data to the cloud, prepare it for AI, and solve your business problems using DeepIQ's comprehensive solutions. Harnessing the power of generative AI, the platform offers seamless data workflows and can be run on multi-cloud or hybrid environments.

DeepIQ is an essential tool for data experts and SMEs alike, providing state-of-the-art time series and geospatial data engineering libraries for efficient data processing


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