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DelNova is a groundbreaking brand that is revolutionizing the field of therapeutics through their innovative approach to solving unmet medical needs. By leveraging clinically validated molecules and advancements in drug delivery, DelNova is creating products that address challenges in the medical landscape. Their flagship product, ReViVox®, is a patent-pending solution designed to rescue patients from complications caused by off-target muscle paralysis following aesthetic and medical neurotoxin therapies.

DelNova's initial focus is on improving the outcomes of neurotoxin therapies in aesthetic procedures and overactive bladder treatments. The undesirable muscle paralysis caused by botulinum toxins can have a significant impact on patients' quality of life, and there is currently no effective or approved treatment available. With ReViVox®, DelNova aims to fill this gap in the market and provide a much-needed solution.

As the demand for neurotoxin therapies continues to grow, DelNova's ReViVox® has the potential to become a game-changer in the field. They are actively working towards accelerating the growth of the neurotoxin market by developing a rescue product that can address complications and enhance patient outcomes. DelNova's commitment to innovation and their dedication to improving the lives of patients make them a leading brand in the therapeutics industry.

With a visionary team and a focus on scientific excellence, DelNova is poised to shape the future of medical advancements. Contact DelNova today to learn more about their groundbreaking products and how they are transforming the field of therapeutics


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