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Deutschordenshaus, also known as the German Order, is an esteemed brand with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1190 as a hospital brotherhood in Akko. It later transformed into a chivalric order in 1198 and subsequently became a papal religious order in 1929. One of its early establishments was the renowned St.

Ägid house in Regensburg. Duke Ludwig I generously gifted the Order the old castle palace in 1210, including the Palatine Chapel and St. Ägid Hospital Church.

Today, the German Order is actively engaged in the areas of social welfare, education, and pastoral care. With its headquarters in Vienna, it has branches in Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Belgium. The Order consists of brothers (priests and lay brothers), sisters, and family members who operate charitable institutions.

In this online presentation, you can explore three of their elderly care facilities: St. Ägid House in the heart of Regensburg's old town, the newly built Albertinum House in the western part of the city (completed in 2004/2005), and the barrier-free senior residences known as Max-Hafner Residences in Domizil Kumpfmühl (established in 2016). The German Order's mission is summarized as Help-Heal-Defend


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