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Bulgarian Association of Software Developers is an organisation of software development community in Bulgaria.


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The Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the professional growth of developers in Bulgaria. BASD actively promotes the exchange of experience and knowledge, aiming to enhance software design and development skills. The association organizes conferences, seminars, and training courses that cater to software technology specialists.

BASD's objectives include supporting the advancement of Bulgarian software developers through various activities aimed at improving their expertise. They create opportunities for experience exchange, spread scientific and technical knowledge, and promote best practices in software development. Additionally, BASD strives to raise the profile of Bulgarian software developers and assist them in finding job opportunities.

The association engages in a wide range of activities, such as organizing and supporting conferences, seminars, and workshops, conducting educational and research projects, and facilitating collaborations with national and international organizations. BASD also publishes electronic and printed publications to support its objectives, provides consulting services, and maintains an informative website. To address the need for training in software technologies, BASD conducts educational projects, including training seminars and university courses led by industry experts.

The association was founded by a group of distinguished software development professionals, including Svetlin Nakov, Panayot Dobrikov, Pavlin Dobrev, and Stanislav Ovcharov. BASD's commitment to supporting the professional development and nurturance of the software industry in Bulgaria, as well as its collaboration with various stakeholders, positions it as a respected institution in the field of software development and technologies


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